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Hassle-Free Scheduling for You & Your Cleaners

The calendar you’ll soon be using in ZenMaid is so intuitive you’ll feel at home your very first visit.

Automation designed by Cleaning Industry Experts

Our team has run 2 maid services just like yours in addition to partnering with Industry consultants. That's why you'll find automated communications already set up for you in ZenMaid that just make sense.

Marlene Lybarger

Owner, Maid to Shine, LLC (7 Employees)

I used to drive 20 minutes in the snow to the office just to schedule my teams for the week. Since joining ZenMaid I don’t even have to leave my home to make sure that my cleaners know where they are going.

LaShanda Brown

Owner, Sweeping Hands, LLC (8 Employees)

I had no time due to the amount of fires I had to put out in my business. ZenMaid gave me time to take care of other important things in my business like hiring employee and marketing to appreciative customers. Now I actually have time to see my family when I want.

Roman Peysakhovich

Owner, Maid Masters (16 Employees)

Before ZenMaid I was worried about balancing my time between scheduling my teams and growing my company… Thanks to Zenmaid I spend the same amount of time scheduling now, but with twice as many cleaners as before.

You and Your Maid Service Deserve a Little Peace and Quiet

The Easiest-to-Use and the Best Rated Maid Software on Capterra.
Rated 5 stars by Owners just like YOU!

Replace Your Daily Tools Like Google Calendar, Excel, Pen & Paper and save TONS of time managing your daily tasks

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Transform Your Cleaning Business

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Reduce lock-outs and double bookings while wasting less time on B.S. paperwork and shuffling

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Your Company

Your job...

When you use ZenMaid there's only one admin thing you have to do:

  • Schedule your customers' appointments on ZenMaid

    (You have to do this regardless of what you use to manage your business!)

"Everybody that I talked to, not only in this industry but a bunch of people in other industries, I asked them, "What contributes to your success? How are you able to grow on this large of a scale?" And it all comes down to automation."

Roman Peysakhovich, Maid Masters

Our job...

Once you've scheduled your appointments ZenMaid steps in to do the heavy lifting:

  • Send work orders to your cleaners ...

    so that you never have to communicate appointment details again

  • Send reminders to your customers ...

    so that you’ll never worry about a no-show again!

  • Follow up after appointments ...

    so that you can collect feedback and referrals effortlessly

  • Handle your payroll in just a few, easy clicks ...

    so that you never have to use Excel again!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is our most asked questions from our hundreds of users

I don't have time to enter all my customers ... Can ZenMaid help?

You bet we can! Just send us over your current customer information however you have it and the ZenMaid team will format and upload it to your new account. FREE!

Is ZenMaid Secure?

Yes, your payment information and customer information is safe with us.

What happens to my customer information? Do I still own it?

Yes, ZenMaid’s terms of service state that the only right we have to your customers’ information is to assist you with your account. You own any and all data you keep in ZenMaid.

Is the trial really free?

Yes, when you sign up today you’ll have 14 days free access to the best software on the market for maid services. No hidden fees or surprise bills.

Is there a contract or long-term commitment?

No, you can try any of ZenMaid’s plans on a month-to-month agreement, no signature necessary. If ZenMaid isn’t for you you can cancel anytime.

Can I cancel anytime?


You and Your Maid Service Deserve a Little Peace and Quiet

The Easiest-to-Use and the Best Rated Maid Software on Capterra.
Rated 5 stars by Owners just like YOU!