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How One Cleaning Business Owner Got Her Evenings & Sanity Back

Agata switched her Maid Service to ZenMaid – and hasn’t looked back, after using pen & paper for years.
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Read How Kate Went From 'Gangsta Cleaning' to a Million Dollar Maid Service

This is Kate's inspiring story about how she went from struggling single mom to million-dollar business owner.
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From Stressed Cleaner to Calm Cleaning Business Owner

LaShanda went from an overworked single mother of four working 90+ hours a week to a calm cleaning business owner working less than 40.
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From Task-Juggling Single Mother to Tech-Savvy Grandmapreneur

Get to know Julie, who slowly but steadily built her maid service and ran it successfully for 24+ years
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Build an Automated Maid Service with Cleaning Business Software

Learn the systems, processes & cleaning business software Roman used to expand his maid service without sacrificing friends, family or time.
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This 1-2 Power Punch more than Tripled Mindy’s Maid Service

Learn how ZenMaid and Debbie Sardone’s Cleaning Business Fundamentals course changed this maid service owner’s life and helped her build a 6 figure maid service!
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