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This is why ZenMaid exists

ZenMaid CEO Amar Ghose

Dear Maid Service Owner,

I’m Amar Ghose, co-founder & CEO of ZenMaid. That's me to the right (unless you're on an absolutely tiny screen)

The ZenMaid fairy tale begins in 2012 when I started my maid service, Fast Friendly Spotless.  

My goal from day 1 was to run the cleaning business in as little time as possible each day (due to my day job). We designed our website to make my job of marketing & customer service as easy as possible. Clients would book instantly on our website and I could login myself to quickly assign cleanings to our team.

At one point I was logging in twice a day for just 30 minutes to deal with our schedule, call new leads, and automatically notify our teams of where they had to be and when. 

This was working so well that we were basically running the business on autopilot. I quickly realized two things:

1. Other maid service owners spent way more time running their businesses

2. What I really enjoyed was building the systems and processes that made us more efficient and gave me more time :-)

And so, in April 2013, ZenMaid was born.

We designed ZenMaid for every maid service, not just those like mine.

Because your maid service is unique. It operates uniquely to any other maid service on the planet :-)

That's why the software is specialized for our industry to manage the schedule info, communicate it to clients & cleaners, and much more.

Because when you’ve got automated calendar that can manage your schedule on autopilot, you're free to do other things you'd rather be doing.

Like scaling your cleaning business. Or spending more time with your family. Or even traveling for 6+ months of the year (like Chris Schwab, who runs his US maid service in 10 minutes a day from Japan and London).

It’s all possible when you make your maid service work for you, and not the other way around.

You just need the right tools to do it.

Amar Ghose

CEO, ZenMaid

ZenMaid exists to help maid service owners simplify, automate and grow their cleaning business.


Made by Maid Service Owners, for Maid Service Owners

Not only are we founded by a maid service owner, we've hired 5+ more to our team!

ZenMaid was designed for maid service owners by maid service owners.

ZenMaid with Clients

ZenMaid CEO Amar Ghose and Julie Parrish
ZenMaid team
Amar Ghose with maid service owner
Amar Ghose with maid service owner
Amar Ghose with Alison McKinney ZenMaid

ZenMaid with industry experts

Amar Ghose with Debbie Sardone
With Debbie Sardone and Steve Hanson
Debbie Sardone and Amar Ghose
With Debbie Sardone and Paul Auguste
Maid Service industry meetup in London
Krissi Foskett, Beatriz Balde & Chris Schwab
Amar Ghose and Carrie Knight
With Carrie Knight
ZenMaid CEO Amar Ghose with Griffin Jones
With Griffin Smith
With Angela Brown

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