ZenMaid was designed by Maid Service Owners for Maid Service Owners with Ease-of-Use in Mind

Demoed by Magic Maids owner Courtney Wisely

Reduce lock-outs and double bookings while wasting less time on B.S. paperwork and shuffling

From first contact to after the cleaning we’ll reduce your workload and stress

Marlene Lybarger

Owner, Maid to Shine, LLC (7 Employees)

I used to drive 20 minutes in the snow to the office just to schedule my teams for the week. Since joining ZenMaid I don’t even have to leave my home to make sure that my cleaners know where they are going.

LaShanda Brown

Owner, Sweeping Hands, LLC (8 Employees)

I had no time due to the amount of fires I had to put out in my business. ZenMaid gave me time to take care of other important things in my business like hiring employee and marketing to appreciative customers. Now I actually have time to see my family when I want.

Roman Peysakhovich

Owner, Maid Masters (16 Employees)

Before ZenMaid I was worried about balancing my time between scheduling my teams and growing my company… Thanks to Zenmaid I spend the same amount of time scheduling now, but with twice as many cleaners as before.

Pricing Made Easy!

Just answer, how many employees do you have?

ZenMaid is $49/mo + $9/mo per employee (cleaners & office managers)

Your pricing $49/ mo

Your account includes the following features

  • The Easiest-to-Use Calendar for Maid Services

  • Automate Email reminders and Followups

  • Credit Card Processing

  • SMS Texting! (work orders and reminders)

  • The ZenMaid Instant Booking Form

  • Automatic Work Orders

  • Daily access to the ZenMaid team

  • Invoicing & Payroll

You and Your Maid Service Deserve a Little Peace and Quiet

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