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Just answer, how many employees do you have?

ZenMaid is $49/mo + $9/mo per employee (cleaners & office managers)

Your pricing $49/ mo

Your account includes the following features

  • The Easiest-to-Use Calendar for Maid Services

  • Automate Email reminders and Followups

  • Credit Card Processing

  • SMS Texting! (work orders and reminders)

  • The ZenMaid Instant Booking Form

  • Automatic Work Orders

  • Daily access to the ZenMaid team

  • Invoicing & Payroll

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is our most asked questions from our hundreds of users

I don't have time to enter all my customers ... Can ZenMaid help?

You bet we can! Just send us over your current customer information however you have it and the ZenMaid team will format and upload it to your new account. FREE!

Is ZenMaid Secure?

Yes, your payment information and customer information is safe with us.

What happens to my customer information? Do I still own it?

Yes, ZenMaid’s terms of service state that the only right we have to your customers’ information is to assist you with your account. You own any and all data you keep in ZenMaid.

Is the trial really free?

Yes, when you sign up today you’ll have 14 days free access to the best software on the market for maid services. No hidden fees or surprise bills.

Is there a contract or long-term commitment?

No, you can try any of ZenMaid’s plans on a month-to-month agreement, no signature necessary. If ZenMaid isn’t for you you can cancel anytime.

Can I cancel anytime?


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